Lip Enhancements by Juvederm

Lip Enhancements by Juvederm will give you the lips you have always wanted. Beautiful lips have been associated with attractiveness and youth far back as the classical era, with the art and sculptures of ancient civilisations just as fascinated by a perfect pout as we are today. In fact, a study at Manchester University showed that men are drawn to full lips more than any other facial feature, spending more than 5 of the first 10 seconds looking at a face drawn to the lips. However, over time the effects of aging take hold and even the most naturally beautiful lips will begin to thin. Hyaluronic Acid, elastin, and collagen which give the mouth and lips structure and volume begin to decrease. Wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear, and the shape of the mouth will become less defined, the area between upper lip and nose possibly becoming flattened, and the corners of the mouth begin to turn downward. Luckily, here at Liebe Aesthetics we have the expertise and experience in Lip Enhancements Filler treatments using the best possible products available. We use the Juvederm range which can help to counteract the symptoms of aging by gently redesigning the lips and mouth region. Juvederm Ultra Smile is a smooth gel filler that gently adds volume back to the lips and contains a unique formulation giving immediate and long lasting results around 6 to 9 months depending on the individual. So what does Juvederm Ultra Smile do exactly? Well, it’s a hyaluronic lip filler which can help:

  • Enhance lip contour to improve definition and outline
  • Redefine the the cupids bow.
  • Increase lip volume, giving a healthy and symmetrical appearance.
  • Treats the corners of the mouth, known as oral commissures, to bring back a positive facial expression.

How to make the most of your lip enhancements

The appearance of bleeding lipstick lines can be improved by injecting into the border of the lips. Juvederm Volift part of the Vycross range is unique among lip fillers in offering a very smooth natural look and feel, and with added local anesthetic. Before the treatment, your lips will be numbed with an anesthetic cream and as the product itself also contains Lidocaine it makes the treatment experience much more comfortable. Ice is used during and after treatment to lessen swelling and help prevent bruising.  It is best to allow a 2 to 4 weeks after treatment before any special occasion as you can expect slight redness, swelling, tenderness and sometimes possible bruising. If you’re still unsure don’t worry here at Leibe Aesthetics during the consultation we can talk to you about your treatment and help you decide on the right shape and style for you. The outcome is dependent on the initial shape of your lips and what is achievable for you. If you have very thin small lips it is sometimes better to redefine in stages which will give gradual fullness and enhancement. Our aim is to achieve your goals with realistic expectations and preferably a natural look.   To view more amazing before and after images please see our lip fillers page here.

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Lip Enhancements by Juvederm Sutton Coldfield Birmingham
Lip Enhancements Birmingham
Lip Enhancements by Juvederm - Liebe Aesthetics Sutton Coldfield Birmingham
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