The Juvederm 8 Point Facelift


As we age our face naturally changes, as skin loses elasticity, sagging and hollowing takes hold. Ageing changes the way our face looks, as our skin thins it drags the look of our face downwards. ‘Tired’ looking eyes or jowls forming along the jawline are also signs of the skin beginning to show its age. In the past halting this process would have involved invasive surgery, that often left unsightly scars or other signs that work had been done, but with the 8 point facelift your skin can be rejuvenated and revitalised in the most natural way possible. Originally developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon and skin expert Dr. Mauricio de Maio, through years of experience and research, The Juvederm 8 point facelift strategically targets critical parts of the face to have a lasting effect with very little effort. Here at Liebe Aesthetics we have used and developed these pioneering processes to give great customer satisfaction.

So how does it work?

Juvederm Hyaluronic acid which is a clear sugar based with added local anaesthetic called Lignocaine is injected into the face at eight different points: This substance is naturally occurring in the skin and is non-animal based. 1&2: Cheek bone/structure: Adding a small amount of area here can enhance the cheekbones, and will also often help to lift the nasolabial folds too (the skin between nose and mouth). With age the cheek bones lose some of their projection and consequently the skin loses its support and begins to hollow and droop. 3: Tear trough/mid face: The eye sockets enlarge and often change shape with age, which further affects the look of the face. This treatment reduces the tired hollows under the eyes. Depending on how pronounced this effect is you may require additional product in this area. 4: Nasolabial (nose to mouth) folds adjacent to nose: Adding volume with this treatment creates a more youthful appearance by softening the deepening that can occur with age. 5: Marionette lines (mouth corners): The corners of the mouth naturally turn down as we age, which leads to the face resting in a natural frown. By treating this area with dermal filler the marionette lines are lifted returning the mouth to a happier, more attractive look. 7. Pre jowl area:As volume fades from the chin, cheek and jaw the formation of jowls begins to occur. Dermal filler in this treatment rejuvenates the volume in the hollow of the jawline, reducing the jowly look. 8. Jawline: Along with the fading volume of the face we also lose the angle of our jaw as we age, and the natural lift and support provided by the bone structure starts to fall forward, further contributing to sagging and jowls. Enhancing the angle of the jaw with dermal filler will lift this area of the face, restoring a natural look. 9. Lower cheek volume/buccal area: As the lower cheek hollows with age facial folds can develop, which will make a face appear gaunt. Treating this area with filler restores the natural curve and structure of the face, putting the volume back where it needs to be. By targeting these specific points the face is lifted in the most natural way possible. Before The Juvederm 8 point facelift too much dermal filler was often applied to a face, which led to the dreaded ‘puffy’ look often associated with botched plastic surgery. By sticking to the 8 points that work, and keeping the filler to lower dosages, the face regains its natural bounce without looking stretched or puffed up.

At Leibe Aesthetics we work hard to achieve a beautifully natural look. By using the latest most advanced dermal filler from the Juvederm Vycross range, the effects of the 8 point face lift can last from 9 to 18 months depending on the individual. These product are exceptionally smooth and integrate into the skin at various depths depending on the consistency and desired result. You may think that surgery with such excellent results would result in a lot of down time, taking days to recover? Well the beauty of using dermal filler is that you are up and going straight after the surgery is complete, and can expect the results to immediately begin to show! Bruising can occur and usually clears up in a few days but can last longer therefore it’s better to avoid treatment near to special events. All we ask is that the areas treated aren’t rubbed hard for 24 hours post treatment, and that sun beds and exposure to direct sunlight are avoided for 2 weeks following the treatment. Your normal makeup routine can be performed as normal! So why not contact us here at Leibe Aesthetics to book in for a free consultation for advice and information on the ultimate in skincare rejuvenation and explore your potential using the – The Juvederm 8 point facelift.

Before and After Images

Juvederm 8 Point Facelift - Liebe Aesthetics - Sutton Coldfield
Juvederm 8 Point Facelift - Liebe Aesthetics -Birmingham
Juvederm 8 Point Facelift - Liebe Aesthetics - West Midlands
Juvederm 8 Point Facelift - Liebe Aesthetics

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